Tips for Selecting the Best Outdoor LED Sign

Best Outdoor LED Sign
Best Outdoor LED Sign
Best Outdoor LED Sign

Just as every word counts in a Hemingway novel, every detail matters in choosing the right outdoor LED sign for your business. From considering brightness and screen resolution to understanding viewing distance and government regulations, selecting the perfect sign requires careful planning and expert advice. At Kimberly Advertising LED & Signs in Houston, we specialize in crafting custom LED signs that illuminate your brand’s story with durability and longevity.

What is an LED Sign?

Definition and Functionality

Your business’s outdoor LED sign is an electronic display made up of individual light emitting diodes (LEDs) that can showcase images, text, or videos. These signs are powered by an electronic current passing through a microchip, which illuminates the LEDs to generate visible light. The close proximity of LED pixels creates quality images with minimal pixelation, making them ideal for outdoor advertising.

Benefits of LED Signs

For businesses looking to attract attention and boost visibility, LED signs offer numerous benefits. Their brightness and colors are eye-catching, making them perfect for outdoor settings where visibility is crucial. LED signs are also energy-efficient and cost-effective, providing a durable signage solution that can withstand the test of time.

Outdoor LED Sign Considerations

Sign Visibility

Visibility is key when it comes to outdoor LED signs. Your sign needs to be clear, bright, and visible to your audience. Consider factors such as brightness, screen resolution, and size to ensure that your message stands out.


The brightness of your outdoor LED sign is crucial for visibility. LED Signs are much brighter than regular large screen TVs, with brightness rated in ‘nits’. For outdoor signs, you will need at least an 8,000 nits screen to ensure visibility day and night. Choose a bright screen to maintain clarity over time as LEDs dim with age.

Screen Resolution and Size

To display clear words and images, screen resolution is important. The number of pixels per square meter determines resolution, with ‘pixel pitch’ indicating the spacing of LED pixels. Select the right resolution based on your signage needs, with higher resolutions for detailed content and larger signs for vibrant images and animations.


To maximize the impact of your outdoor LED sign, carefully consider its placement. Evaluate foot traffic, road visibility, and site constraints. Expert advice from LED sign suppliers can help you navigate installation costs, power access, and regulations for optimal placement.

Viewing Distance

The viewing distance of your audience affects the size and resolution of your LED sign. Consider where viewers will be when they see your sign and adjust character height accordingly. For optimal readability, ensure that your sign size and resolution align with viewing distances for maximum impact.

Government Rules and Regulations

Local Council Regulations

Any outdoor signage for your business is likely subject to rules and regulations set by your local council or government authority. If you are considering installing a new outdoor LED sign, it’s crucial to be aware of these regulations. In most cases, unless you are replacing an existing sign in the same location, you will need to submit a development application to your local council. To learn more about navigating these regulations, refer to How to Choose An Outdoor LED Sign For Your Business.

Signage Controls

An vital aspect of your outdoor LED sign is the control system. Plus, having an easy-to-use signage management system is crucial to ensure your messages are displayed effectively and efficiently. An efficient content management system (CMS) allows you to upload images and text seamlessly onto your LED sign, ensuring they fit the necessary dimensions. Consider establishing a signage update schedule to maximize the impact of your messages.

Creating Effective Messages

Once again, when it comes to creating effective messages for your outdoor LED sign, it’s important to utilize a reliable content management system (CMS) to streamline the process. The CMS serves as your editing software, converting images and text to fit the dimensions of your sign effortlessly.

Content Management System (CMS)

Management of your messages on the LED sign should be easy and efficient. A web-based content management system allows for seamless uploads of images and text, ensuring they display effectively on your sign. Selecting a user-friendly CMS will simplify the message creation process and enable you to make updates quickly.

Signage Update Schedule

Effective scheduling of your signage updates is crucial to maintaining audience engagement and maximizing impact. Plan a regular update schedule to keep your content fresh and relevant. By strategically timing your updates, you can adapt your messages to align with current events or promotions, ensuring your LED sign remains a dynamic advertising tool.

Expert Advice and Support

Despite the importance of choosing the right outdoor LED sign for your business, it can be a daunting task without the right guidance. Consulting with an experienced LED sign company is crucial in navigating through the various factors to consider. For more detailed information on selecting the best outdoor LED sign, check out How To Select the Right Outdoor LED Sign for Any Application.

Consulting with an LED Sign Company

Significantly, partnering with an LED sign company can provide invaluable expertise and guidance. These professionals can assist in determining the optimal size, resolution, and placement for your outdoor LED sign, ensuring maximum visibility and impact for your business.

Warranty and After-Sales Support

For peace of mind and continued assistance, it’s necessary to look for LED sign suppliers that offer comprehensive warranty and after-sales support. With a minimum of 2 years warranty and reliable post-purchase services, you can rest assured that your investment in an outdoor LED sign is backed by quality assurance.

Additional Factors to Consider


Environmental Factors

  • Consider the weather conditions in your area, as extreme heat or cold can affect the performance of your outdoor LED sign.
  • Ensure your sign is waterproof and resistant to elements such as dust and humidity to prolong its lifespan.

This subsection emphasizes the importance of adapting your sign to withstand the environmental conditions it will be exposed to, ultimately ensuring its durability and effectiveness.


Traffic Patterns

  • Study the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic around your business location to determine the best placement for maximum visibility.
  • Consider the speed at which vehicles pass by to determine the optimal size, resolution, and content of your LED sign.

This subsection highlights the significance of understanding and utilizing traffic patterns to strategically position and design your outdoor LED sign for optimal impact.

Summing up

Now that you’ve learned about the key factors to consider when selecting the best outdoor LED sign for your business, you can make an informed decision. From ensuring visibility and brightness to understanding screen resolution and size, placement, viewing distance, government regulations, signage controls, and seeking expert advice, there are several important aspects to keep in mind. Keep in mind, choosing the right LED sign can greatly impact your business’s visibility and success.