P8 outdoor front service LED screen 3ft x3ft

1. High-precision optical design of LED, each pixel is from same batch.
2. Perfect color mixing efficiency: rational design on reflector and chip arrangement makes RGB colors mixed and condensed sufficiently and creates no granular sensation.
3. Good performance in flatness, uniformity, consistency and clarity.
4. The raw material of all of the outdoor products including LED chips, mask, glue and steel cabinets have the ability of enduring high temperature and high humidity , and being anti-UV, waterproof, anticorrosion and antirust.
5. Every production process is well controlled.Lacquer to ensure no oxidation, no rusty and no moisture. Five-Guard Lacquer will be used for special requirements.
6. Large viewing angle, up to 140°horizontally and 140°vertically, with no image distortion and no color cast at any angle within this range.